How Nature Works to Make Clean Energy – LIVE Classroom Webinar, Thursday 5/23 at 1pm

Join us for a LIVE Classroom Webinar Event
May 23, 2013 at 1:00pm E/T

How Nature Works to Make Clean Energy

For All Classrooms
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In partnership with The Nature Conservancy, Discovery Education is pleased to offer a Live Classroom Webinar event on exploring renewable energy sources with renowned conservation specialist M. Sanjayan, lead scientist at The Nature Conservancy.

Most of our energy comes from burning natural gas, coal or oil. The challenge is that these important natural resources are non-renewable fossil fuels. They take millions of years to form and we are using them faster than nature can replace them. Sanjayan will share his insights on how nature works to provide clean and renewable energy, and how we can help nature stay healthy and productive.
There will be an online Q&A session with Sanjayan at the conclusion of the webinar.

Prepare your students with these pre-webinar classroom resources:

  • Nature Works To Make Clean Energy – Watch the Video and Download the Lesson Plan
  • Urban Trees – Watch the Video and Download the Lesson Plan

This live webinar event is meant for all grade levels, but with a focus on grades 6-8 highlighting social studies, science, and technology content.

Nature Works Everywhere is a 2013 Edison Award GOLD winner!


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