Look What I Found: the continuing search

Still exploring iPad apps…. here’s the latest finds:

3 D Classic Literature  provides access to a variety of classic literature in a pleasing visual style that nicely mimics reading an actual book.  It is not perfect yet, for example the font size can’t be changed- though it is a larger font that is generally easier on the eyes, but having all these classics in one place is nice.

Poems by Heart introduces students to short selections by classic poets with information about the poet, lines from poems that they can hear read then work on memorizing through various activities and even share via Facebook or Twitter. A poetry store has bundles such as Early Innovators, Elizabethan, Romantic, etc for purchase to add to the My Library section.

Easy Translation HD  is indeed an easy to use translation app.  It translates to and from a variety of languages including English, Spanish, Japanese, German, French, Russian, Arabic and many others. Not being bilingual I can’t really tell how accurate the translations are, but it would certainly give a good start in working with folks speaking other language.

Scrap It HD brings the hobby of scrapbooking to the iPad.  Pick photos from your camera roll, then work with them using tools that include ribbons, stickers, word art, and more. A Layer Manager allows you to add elements to your canvas. The particular version I tried had extras to make it a school days scrapbook so it could be used by school staff to scrapbook a year in their program.

Use Your Handwriting GOLD allows you to take notes by finger writing on the iPad.  It also has a variety of other features such as alarms, lists and sublists, and backup and sync.

Captureboard Pro works like a scanner. Take a picture of an item, then work with it to crop and save to cloud. There is a free version but reviews on the iTunes store note that there is a watermark on all captures.

Easy Portfolio- ePortfolio Tool for Students & Teachers provides an easy way for school folks to build a portfolio that includes video, images, audio, notes, urls and documents. You can view and work with files within the program and multiple portfolios can be created.  The program does not seem to work in landscape mode and while you can export the various files within a portfolio I didn’t find a way to save the entire portfolio.

Everyday Mathematics series from McGraw Hill Education includes games to practice math facts and topics in a game format.  There are apps for other subjects also.  See all the choices at www.mheonline.com/apps/.

Clever Crazes for Kids presents facts, quizzes, skill drills and learning games on a variety of topics including outer space, money, how things work, voting, biodiversity and more. The helpful website has state standards, curriculum, STEM connections and more.  Students can register to earn prizes


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  1. Robin Martin said:

    Betsy, I am always interested in reading what others are using for apps in the classroom. When teachers share these apps their review really helps the rest of us who have not seen that app. Thanks for sharing your reviews.

  2. Bobbi Capwell said:

    What an awesome list! I had just found Clever Crazes for Kids. I love the tie in between the web and ipads.
    Great reviews too!

  3. Paula Naugle said:

    I’m still trying to decide if iPads are what I would like to purchase for my classroom. I have been a netbook classroom for the last several years, but need to update my equipment.

    Thanks for sharing these apps with us.

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