Get ready for DEN Geocaching Day with Mark Case

DEN Geocaching Day is this Saturday, May 18th!
Interested in learning more about geocaching? You’re in luck!

DEN STAR Mark Case is sharing his love of geocaching this week on DENvice. Mark is a geocaching expert! Join him each day to chat about different geocaching topics.

So far this week, Mark has laid out the basics of geocaching and the educator resources on

The topics for the remainder of this week…

Tuesday: EarthCaches
Wednesday: Virtuals and Wherigo
Thursday: Multi-caches
Friday: Question marks, puzzles and challenges
Saturday: DEN Geocaching Day! Go geocaching and report how much fun you had!

Learn more about DEN Geocaching Day! A giant thanks to Mark for sharing his passion with the DEN community!


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  1. Robin Martin said:

    I learned a lot from your GEO morning session at DENSI, Montana! So glad your shared your passion with all of us.

  2. Paula Naugle said:

    Mark, I wish I could attend your geocaching event. I have a lot to learn about this topic and your passion for it is inspiring. Have a great day on Saturday.

  3. Ketsana said:

    Thank you so much for sharing. I am learning a whole lot right now and excited about learning more!

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