#DENChat Focuses on STEM Resources

Last Thursday, Tim Childers, moderated #DENChat focusing on STEM resources and philosophies.  As with previous discussions, there were a multitude of great websites, activities, and thought-provoking questions from those who joined the chat.

STEM goes far beyond the idea of, “Oh, I added a science activity to my social studies lesson,” or, “We’re going to do some math related to Shakespeare.”

STEM embodies the principals of Common Core.  It emphasizes things like collaboration, problem solving, critical thinking, innovation, design, and more.  These are the “thinking habits” of STEM professionals, and they are the habits business leaders tell us they want to see in high school and college graduates.

You will find the archive of the 10th #DENChat here. (Another big round of applause to Lisa Parisi for archiving these each week!).

This Thursday, May 16th at 8 PM ET, Kelly Hines will lead our 11th #DENChat focusing on ways to keep kids engaged in the final weeks of school.  You won’t want to miss it!


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