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Have you flipped your classroom, but find giving simple instructions online to be difficult and boring?  Would you like to begin your classroom presentations with a motivational video hook?  Powtoon is the answer for you.  I discovered this product in the Beta stage and fell in love with it.  I started with a free account, paid for a business account, and when they offered the educator’s account, I excitedly switched to it.

In the above Powtoon, I used a template that they provided.  I was able to insert my own pictures and words with little difficulty.  The program is easier than PowerPoint.  You simply start from scratch or choose a template, choose the type background, characters and text you want to use, and insert these items in a timeline where you want them to appear.  There are so many options available!

You can find PowToon at this address:   You can get a 30 day Edu-trial free.  I suggest you do this first to learn the product.  If you choose not to pay for the educator’s package at the end of the trial, you will continue on a limited free account. Otherwise, the educator’s price is $27 a year.  That is just so little money for so much fun and motivation for students.  If you prefer, you can just sign up for the completely free account for which you never have to pay.  However, this one is very limited.  The free always account restricts your videos to 45 seconds, Powtoon 4 Edu branded, and  5 Medium Quality YouTube exports.  The 30 day Educator Trial has more.  It offers a 25 minute Powtoon video limit, 25 YouTube or computer downloads, but still has branding.  The paid educator trial has the same, but you can have 25 exports, to YouTube, Facebook, or to your computer each month.

I know this sounds like an ad.  However, I am so excited about the opportunities for using this, that I had to share. You are going to love it!  Here are some  other teacher-made Powtoons posted on YouTube:


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  1. DiAnne Galm said:

    Thanks for the information and sample videos. I love it and already are dreaming up uses for Powtoon in my classes.

  2. Janet Hallstrom said:

    Post a link when you make one. I would love to see what you come up with.

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