The Desktop is Your Friend….

…So Treat it a little Better.

As a follow up to DENvice member Tracy Carpenter’s post on finding the perfect desktop wallpaper, I would like to continue the geeky conversation on the treatment of your desktop.

The desktop is the first thing you see light up your screen after the initial boot up. It is the place you can save when you have run out of server space. For me it is my current project work area, the place to dump files while working in multiple applications. It is a great area that deserves to be cleaned up every now and again. Here are some basic tips:

1. Refile or Trash: After a project or maybe once a week, take a look at your desktop. Decide if the file can be trashed, refiled to another area, or saved to the cloud. When doing this over time, you find that many files can be trashed and it will keep your computer running smoothly.

2. Is it important? Then create a folder. We all have parts of our lives that require us to save files in the hopes of not having to redo work. Whether on a Mac or PC, it is easy to create folders to keep those files organized. The mega organized will create sub folders, which is awesome but not necessary.

3. Ongoing vs. Completed: Ongoing work might deserve space on the desktop in a folder, but completed work that needs to saved has to find a new space. If it is already in a folder on your desktop, then it is easy to move. Google Drive and Dropbox both let you upload entire folders to keep your organization.

4. Avoid the one Black Hole Folder! We have all done it at some point, a presentation or a meeting was coming up where others would see your desktop. In a moment of panic you create one folder and dump the contents of your desktop into it to appear to be organized to others. It is a quick, easy method but it creates a bigger problem later when searching for files.

It is Spring, take a moment to do some desktop cleaning!