Mousey Monday!


















Happy Mousey Monday from Mousey! Mousey wants to report in on a Discovery Education event from last week! Last Tuesday, May 14, members of our Discovery Education team volunteered their time to assist in an event at Chevy Chase Elementary School for the MCPS Family Night 2013! We are sharing our experience at this event with our Cache and Cookies readers.

















Patti from our Techbook Instruction Implementation team, and Nicholas and Stacey from our Sales renewal team are taking a moment from setting up to pose for a picture in front of this station.

















Erica, our Techbook Implementation Director, and Margy are doing a trial run of their station’s experiment in preparation for the students’ arrival.


















Students alongside their parents were served pizza to energize them for the various Science activity stations that the Discovery Education team set up!!!

















Patti is explaining the stations activity to the students before they run off on their own to explore.


















Erica and Margy are giving directions and guiding students at the Balloon Filling Bottles station.




































Max from our DEN team, and Winnie from our sales renewal team are assisting students at their Air Pressure station.






















This is the set up of my station I ran during the event. My particular station was Separating Mixtures (just like the sign says). Students were asked to select one substance in the mixture to place into a paper cup. The catch was that students could use any of the tools on the table (sifters, magnifying glasses, spoons, tweezers, etc.) to move the substance into their cups, but they could not use their hands!



















The little scientists in action at my station ready to tackle the task at hand!






















This is my station after the event. You can see the curiosity that came to life here, right? These little scientists really impressed me with their various strategies to complete the task at hand. It was really amazing to be part of this and being able to interact with these students and their parents.


















After the students completed each station, they were invited, with their parents accompanying them, into the media center to explore Discovery Education’s site in a Digital Scavenger Hunt!

Want to get the curiosity bug? Check out our experiments and resources from Discovery Education Science Techbook. Please share with us how our products have affected your classrooms by reaching out to us  at (@DESupportStars) with #mouseymondays! Happy Mousey Monday to our Cache and Cookies readers!  We hope you all have a great week!


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