This week on DENvice: Tech integration is… Tech integration isn’t…

How would you complete these sentences?

Tech integration is _____________________.

Tech integration isn’t _____________________. 

Head on over to DENvice and share your ideas! DENvice team member and Virginia LC member Cynthia Treichler is leading our conversation this week.

And, another enormous thank you to Mark Case for chatting about geocaching last week! If you missed last week’s conversation, make sure to check it out.


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  1. Neene said:

    To me:
    Tech integration is the best of combining good teaching practices with the best the Internet and computers has to offer students. Tech integration is looking at what needs to be learned and finding multiple modalities through which to help students draw meaning.

    Tech integration isn’t displaying notes or worksheets on a large screen to be read and put away.

  2. Ketsana said:

    Technology integration is using technology to support and enhance learning goals.
    Technology integration is using technology to encourage critical thinking skills.

    Technology integration is not just using it to deliver content.

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