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Yes, there are all kinds of challenges and problems we can invest our time attempting to solve.  Some see themselves as ‘problem solvers’.  Earlier in my career, I saw myself as a relatively good ‘problem solver’.

Today, I can still ‘solve problems’.  More often now,  I choose to frame the situations I encounter through an appreciative frame.  I do this because I have come to know that ‘problem solving’ is linear, and thus somewhat limited, in nature.   Approaching this same situation through a frame of Appreciative Inquiry will lead to a potentially difference and, in my mind, richer response.

To frame a situation (what some might call a problem) appreciatively can be seen as taking four steps.

First, think seriously about the situation and focus on what is right about the situation.  Collect all of these thoughts about what is positive about the circumstance.

The second step is to dream big about the desired state that could be in the future given that fact that you are starting from the current  situation.  Really stretch your thinking – dreams are not small incremental next steps – dreams are bold!  Dreams are compelling possibilities!  Dreams excite people to invest in making them real!

Then get focused on designing plans to move toward making the dream a reality.  The plans may, and likely will, be at the  ‘first step’ or ‘second step’ level – obviously, those steps are important and worth taking – knowing that their may be a ‘sixteenth’ or ‘twenty sixth’ step to move toward and reach the desired goal. Let the ‘journey’ towards the goals begin!!!

And, then, as steps are taken toward the goal it is important to be willing to adjust and improvise along the journey.  Destiny is achieved when we listen to our inner voices and respond.

Appreciative Inquiry can be practiced by individuals or by groups.  The interdependent thinking that develops when group’s embrace this process is empowering.  It is very exciting to be going through the appreciating, dreaming, designing and moving toward the collective destiny with others!

Appreciative Inquiry is a positive approach to framing ‘what is’ and ‘what might be’.  And it remains positive in the design, implementation and adjustment of the plan to reach the dream.


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