Back-channel with Discovery Video and CoverItLive

I just found out about a free resource that I think would go great with a Discovery video. is a live blogging site.  Live blogging is where comments are posted to a blog while an event is going on.  It is used to cover sporting events, speeches and other news worthy events.  However never let it be said that a teacher won’t re-purpose a Web 2.0 tool for their own classroom.  My thought is to pick a Discovery video that you will be showing in class and live blog it with your students.  The students could post comments onto the live blog as the video plays and create a back channel about the video.  The moderator (teacher) will choose which comments get added to the blog.  The teacher can also add in questions the students would ask during the video.  So instead of using the the paper and pencil “answer these questions while watching the video” a silent discussion about the video could be taking place.  In addition you could connect this with another classroom in the same building or across the world and be watching the same video at the same time.     I have not tried this yet but I plan on making this fit into my lessons for next year.  PS>>> Any one want to Back channel the DENny awards Thursday night…



  1. Dean Mantz said:


    I have used CoverItLive for a number of years. I agree that it is an solid option. The down part is the limitations that have been placed on it. Are you familiar TodaysMeet. The one draw back with this option is that teachers will not be able to monitor/filter the student comments.

    Nonetheless, I am a big fan of backchannels with students for the simple reason it provides those shy/quiet students the opportunity to voice their thoughts without fear of speaking. Good luck with the lesson and let us know how the students respond.

  2. Tom McLaughlin said:

    The limitations are a problem unless of course you pay for an account. They limit you to 100 clicks per month on the free account and then give you more clicks the more you pay. So either you only use it once a month or get some “friends” to share their account with you. I have several with almost the same name as me 😉 … The ability to moderate is what really makes this work better for me as I teach high school and sometimes they like to make jokes. Thanks for commenting and I will post an update to this in the fall when I have time to build a lesson around it.

  3. Mrmartinsclass said:

    Great post! I’ve used Coverit and Today’s Meet before and used to have old Sunburst software for group chatting. Fifth graders love seeing their responses posting live. I can model appropriate use (digital citizenship) of online chat. It encouraged home position typing during our ‘speed round’ of answers. Students could be receiving participation credit that could be reviewed after class. And on and on.. But to do this during a Discovery video? That is a huge value added in my mind. Thanks for the idea! (I love being given ‘simple ideas’ for new ways to use tools we already have!)

  4. Carlos Fernandez said:

    Just wanted to give my DEN friends a heads up – I am in the middle of building a backchannel that was created specifically for Educators. If all goes well, I should be done by this summer just in time for DENSI2014. Here is a sneak peak –

    Just trying to give back to the education community.

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