Congrats Class of 2013!

We’re quickly approaching the end of May, and graduation season is in full effect! Whether you’re getting your students ready to graduate, attending dozens of graduation parties, or preparing to graduate yourselves, everyone is familiar with the excitement of this time of year.

After working so hard to meet all of the graduation requirements, including long hours in the library, endless amounts of studying, and passing all of their final exams, the graduates finally make their way to the ceremony. Putting on their caps and gowns and gathering one last time with all of their classmates, they file in two by two. With hundreds of friends and families crowded around, they walk across the stage and are provided with the roaring of cheers giving them a great feeling of success.

Take the time to celebrate with your students and acknowledge all that they have strove to achieve. Before thinking about whatever the next stage in life may be; preparing themselves for college, or taking on the real world, be sure to have them soak up this accomplishment first.

Here at Discovery Education, we would like to congratulate all of the graduates of 2013, and recognize all of the teachers and supporters that have helped to get them here! We wish our fresh graduates the best of luck with wherever the road leads them next.


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