Announcing! DEN Trivia Contest Winners


First, thank you to all the folks that entered our DEN Trivia Contest.  We hope you had fun AND learned a bit in the process!

Second, here is the news from the contest:

27 people submitted responses.

18 had 15 or more correct answers.  They were:

Mark Case NC
Sheila Fredericks PA
DiAnne Galm PA
Katie Knapp VA
Bobbi Capwell TX
Wendy Norton FL
Annette McKee TX
Brandon Wislocki CA
Cheryl Woolwine FL
Maria Aguilera-Merquez TX
Patti Harju MI
Edith Erikson MI
Alison Schleede NC
Ledra Sun MA
Mary Ray TX
Diana Pendelton SC
Fred Hoffman NC
Rafranz Davis TX

Now for the main news!

First five to submit response with 15 or more correct answers:

Mark Case  NC
Sheila Fredericks  PA
DiAnne Galm  PA
Katie Knapp  VA
Bobbi Capwell  TX

Grand Prize Winner is:

Patti Harju   Michigan



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