2013 DENny Awards

The prestigious DENny Awards were held last night honoring some of the many bright shining STARs in the DEN. We know that for every DENny Award presented, there are tons of other educators out there making great things happening. So, here’s a virtual DENny for all of you! THANK YOU.


Here’s the archive of the event:

Here’s the list of awardees:

Most Creative/Best DEN Event
DEN STARs out for the Holidays: Madison WI: Rita Mortenson (WI)
DENapalooza TX: Mary Carole Strother (TX), Kass Bates (TX)
DEN Hangout: Andy McKiel (MB)
DENapalooza ATL: Monique Liles (GA), Kati Searcy (GA), Mindy Ramon (GA)
DEN Geocaching Day: Mark Case (NC)
DENapalooza Boise: Marita Diffenbaugh (ID), Kim Miller (ID), Carol Scholz (ID)
Gateway to Learning, St. Louis: Melissa Robison (MO)

#DENchat Team: Lisa Parisi (NY), Tim Childers (TN), Paula Naugle (LA), Dorie Glynn (TX), Kelly Hines (NC)
DENvice Team: Tracy Carpenter (MD), Selena Ward (MD), Zulma Whiteford (MD)
DEN Zone: David Fisher (FL)
Collaborative Projects: Sandi Dennis (GA), Jen Wagner (CA)

RJ Stangherlin Award (Best Individual DEN Blogger)
Kelly Hines (NC)
Tom McLaughlin (PA)
Jerry Jennings (MI)
Cassandre Calixte (FL)
Diane Ripollone (NC)

Rising STAR
Rafranz Davis (TX)
Ketsana Phommalee (OH)
Kristina Spencer (FL)
Therese Conner (FL)
Roseann Burklow (NC)
Delsia Easley (AL)
Mindy Ramon (GA)

Rising STAR Mentor
Heather Hurley (VA)
Mary Carole Strother (TX)
DENnis Grice (CA)

Jessica Donaldson (SC)
Andrea Keller (TX)
Cheryl Lykowski (MI)
Karen Ogen (SC)
Tony Spittell (CA)
Shelley Tulloch (NS)
Katie Warren (CA)

Community Choice
Best Arch: PETE&C
DEN BFF: Lodge McCammon (NC)
STEM Camp Champ: David Taylor (NC)
Most Facebook Likes: Carolyn Rains (AL)
DEN Super Recruiter: Andrea Baker (SC)
Best use of a Spouse at a DEN Event: Norma Rockwell (SC)
Quiet Leader: Tracie Belt (FL)
Grants Queen: Dacia Jones (NC)
Repinner Extraordinaire: Sheila Fredericks (PA)
Make it Happen Award: Tracy Carpenter & Zulma Whiteford (MD)

Class of 2013 DEN Gurus
Tracy Carpenter (MD)
Lea Anne Daughrity (TX)
Kelly Hines (NC)
Robin Martin (PA)
Kati Searcy (GA)


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  1. Shayla Rexrode said:

    Congratulations to all the DEN Stars honored during last night’s event. We are so lucky to work with such amazing teachers and we appreciate everything you do to make learning fun!

    Have a wonderful holiday weekend!


  2. Kelly said:

    What a fun way to honor educators who love kids, love teaching, and love DE! Thanks for all of the ways that you support us!

  3. Max said:

    So happy we have support from such a phenomenal group of educators! Every award is well deserved. Keep on shining!

  4. Paula Naugle said:

    Congratulations to all of the DENny Award honorees for 2013. I’m excited to have been recognized along with the rest of the #DENchat team. DEN truly does connect educators with their best resource…each other in oh so many ways.

  5. Katie Warren said:

    Thanks so much to the DEN for supporting educators and education. This resource (the DEN) is a must have for all teachers and others interested in providing the best for their students. Thanks for my DENthusiasm Award – I am truly honored.

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