Challenge Your Students This Summer

When I was in the classroom, this time of year was both exciting and hectic.  I looked forward to the summer break, but at the same time, was scrambling to wrap up things in the classroom, prepare my room for the summer, and put together activities for my students to complete in the coming months.  When I first started teaching, I made the huge mistake of sending home thick packets of stuff that probably got tossed as soon as the students got home.  As I learned and grew as a teacher, the things I put together became more beneficial.

If I was in the classroom now, I’d be steering my students to the Summer Challenge, a great resource from the Purple Feet Foundation.  The thinc Summer Challenge is a series of 30 enrichment activities to keep students thinc-ing over the summer.  There are five weeks of activities that each include:

  • Career connection
  • Creative writing
  • Curiosity science activity
  • Reading corner
  • Create something cool
  • Be crafty
Take a look at the activities below.  Share these with your students.  I guarantee these won’t get tossed in the trash like the packets I used to send.