DEN STARs in the News: Geneva Hultenius

California DEN STAR Geneva Hultenius recently shared information about a class project her students worked on.  Geneva, a third grade teacher at Heritage Elementary School, put her students up to a challenge and the prize was a $1,000 scholarship provided by a Bonnie Plants.  Geneva was interested in teaching her students about the scientific method so she gave the students 2 cabbage plants.  The students had to come up with one question they could test, the variable.

One of her students, Carina, wondered if fertilizer would impact the size of the cabbage plants.  After the experiment, Carina certainly found out the answer.  One cabbage plant did grow larger, a lot larger.  To find out more about the size of the cabbage plant (I think you’ll be shocked) and to read more about the project, take a look at this article from the local newspaper.


Have you been recognized in your local newspaper? Have you been published? Were you featured in an article or nominated for an award?  We know STAR Discovery Educators are doing amazing things, but we don’t always hear about it. So take a moment to toot your own horn. Tell us about it. We want to brag about you too!



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