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The above video was made with as a hook to a lesson we use to introduce students to EasyBib.

When I was a student, many, many years ago, and was assigned a research paper, I truly enjoyed doing the research and writing the paper.  I truly hated writing the bibliography.  Back in the day, I had to constantly consult my citation guide to figure out what information was needed, in what order and where to put periods, commas, and underlines.  This was pure drudgery for me and often required all night bibliographic work.  It seemed to take more time and work to make the Bibliography than it did to write the paper.   Thank heavens; our students now can use EasyBib. is a web resource that allows students to generate citations easily.  I really love the fact that you can just enter a web address. The “autocite” often will cite your source from that URL.  It allows you to check and add to the citation as needed.  You can cite a book by searching by title, ISBN, or keywords.  It is great to only have to put in the ISBN and choose the best citation offered.  It offers more than 60 different sources that you can cite for free.

Other free services they offer include a web evaluation tool and their Beta Social Research tool.  When you request an autocitation, EasyBib will let you know if the site is credible or not.  As a librarian, I stress that all web information needs to be evaluated for credibility.  By putting in a search term on their Beta Social Research tool, the student can get the results of the most often used web addresses cited in EasyBib.

A subscription service is also available as an individual plan or a school plan.  After using the Trial Plan, our school jumped at the chance to subscribe to this resource.  We are excited now that classes are able to keep their citations stored for individual projects.  Students create notecards on this site and are able to color code them, group them, and move them with ease as they work with the cards.  They can then drag the cards over to a special place that turns the notecards into an outline for their paper.  As teachers, we are notified when a student has begun work and a link is provided in our email for us to check their work.  There is an opportunity to give immediate feedback with comments on their work.  I used a survey with several classes of students to see if they really felt that this was worth it.  The response was overwhelmingly positive for the program.  We will be renewing next year and are looking at a new source this company is providing.  It is called Research Ready.  Please respond if you are familiar with this source.


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  2. Carlos said:

    Hello, already tried do your videos with

    It is much easier and intuitive Powtoon! Try it!

  3. Marco Last said:

    Great website, I am a fan. I really liked their APA citation generator since it has TONS of choices for the sources.

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  5. Pat Browder said:

    I was looking for the easybib video but it did not show up on the site. Is there any other place to find the video?

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