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Looking for ideas for summer reading? Want to start a professional book club in your area? Check out these excellent suggestions from DEN members from across the country.


Brain Rules

John Medina


Rating: 4

I think this is a great book for teachers to read about how the brain works.

Favorite line/quote:  Brain Rule #4: The Brain Can Not Multitask

Idea shift:  How to teach students and how to structure my lessons to include exercise and movement.

My take away:  We get our best ideas when we are moving.

What’s next:  Smart but Scattered by Pew Dawson

Reviewed by Tracie B. from Florida




Moodle 2.0 for 7-14 Year Olds

Mary Cooch


Rating:  5: DEN Finger Worthy

If you are wanting to learn how to use Moodle to create an online learning course/environment for students, this book is a great start. It walks the reader through the various features of using Moodle and is very easy to read and follow. This is a fantastic resource for those new to Moodle or just wanting a refresher/reminder on how to use one of the features when creating a Moodle course.

Favorite line/quote:  I didn’t have a favorite part, but I this is my favorite Moodle book as it is very user friendly and very easy to complete the steps necessary to use various features of Moodle. I love that is written by expert,s but is very non threatening and easily understood by beginning Moodlers. Educators feel that Moodle course creation is a complex process, and this book helps debunk that notion and make creating a Moodle more accessible to educators of various technical levels.

My idea shift:  I have always been a fan of using Moodle but this book helped me rethink ways of sharing how to create a

My take away:
 One of the most important take aways is that Moodle courses must be structured to foster engagement with the course content. Incorporating DEN resources in the Moodle course can really enhance the course and provide a variety of ways students can interact with the elements featured in a Moodle course. Images and videos from the DEN content library will definitely liven up any Moodle course and help demonstrate complex concepts or assist students with conceptualizing various scientific or mathematical skills.Moodle course with course designers that are new to using Moodle. I had also heard that Moodle 2.0 was more complex than 1.9 and I didn’t seem to notice significant, complex differences in the two versions.

Review by Kim C. from Texas




The Energy Bus

Jon Gordon
Rating: 5: DEN Finger Worthy

An excellent, motivational book!
Favorite line/quote:  You are the driver of your bus.

My idea shift: The idea that you have the power to be positive, and you should avoid energy vampires (those who suck the positive out of you.)

My take-away:  Remember to come back to this book when things are not going well to remind myself of the positives in life.

What’s next:  The Shark and the Goldfish by Jon Gordon

Review by Jan A. from Pennsylvania


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