STARs in the News: Tally Burkhart

Tally Burkhart, a California DEN STAR, shared her experience that appears in an article in the May 2013 issue of Educational Leadership.  The issue focuses on poverty and there is a piece called “Tell Me About…/Your Firsthand Experience with Poverty.”  People with a wide range of occupations and experiences share their experiences, including Tally.  Tally shares how impactful her teachers were because they challenged and encouraged her.

I encourage you to read the experiences, they are moving and eye-opening. It gives a glimpse of what some children are going through and how poverty impacts their lives, including their time in school.

This year, Tally also become a member of Accomplished California Teachers (ACT) which is a teacher leadership network for the state of California, established in 2008. They are funded by the Stuart Foundation and sponsored by the National Board Resource Center in the School of Education at Stanford University. Their mission is to amplify teacher voice in educational policy and research, while providing members with resources and support to become more effective leaders at every level – from their department or school right on up to state and national initiatives.


Have you been recognized in your local newspaper? Have you been published? Were you featured in an article or nominated for an award?  We know STAR Discovery Educators are doing amazing things, but we don’t always hear about it. So take a moment to toot your own horn. Tell us about it. We want to brag about you too!



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