June 2013: Summer fun: Catching up on “cool” resources for school

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For many years, I have been posting links to the speaker handouts from the largest United States technology conferences for you to peruse during the summer months. Many of you take courses, design curriculum, and catch up with your professional reading during the summertime, and you can learn so much from the archives of these conferences!

This year, I am going to post links to many of the conferences I attended this past year as a speaker. The quality of the presenters and the breadth of knowledge at all of these conferences gave me so much to think about, and I wanted to share that with you!


For many of these conferences, the presenters are encouraged to upload handouts and PDF versions of their presentations. With the shift to cloud-based resources, many educators now just post a URL to their online support site, Slideshare, Prezi, or Google Presentation. Those, as well as links to Web sites and research sites, are usually found in the presentation descriptions.

NCTIES Conference, Raleigh, NC (03/13)



NCCE Annual Conference, Portland, OR (02/13)



FETC Annual Conference, Orlando, FL (01/13)

Recordings of featured speakers



SLATE Conference, Wisconsin Dells, WI (12/12)



MSLA Annual Conference, Baltimore, MD (10/12)



MEMO Fall Conference, St. Cloud, MN (10/12)



USDOE Connected Educator Month (08/12)

As part of the 2010 National Technology Plan, which targets educators becoming more connected to resources, tools, and each other, the USDOE offered a series of virtual Webinars and activities in the summer of 2012.



Discovery Education Summer Institute, Bozeman, MT (07/12)

The Discovery Educator Network Summer Institute is a week-long, residential style professional development opportunity for STAR Discovery Educators focused on professional development and networking. I was lucky enough to both attend and present in the summer of 2012.



ISTE 2012 Conference, San Diego, CA (6/12)




Some conferences that I did not attend this past year (but hope to be invited back!) also include extensive links to their presenters’ resources.  Here are some from the past year.


CUE 2013 Annual Conference, Palm Springs, CA (03/13)



ICE Annual Conference 2013, St. Charles, IL (2/13)

Tuesday   Wednesday   Thursday  Friday  Featured Speakers


METC 2013 Annual Conference, St. Louis, MO (02/13)

Streaming of featured speakers available until fall of 2013



TCEA 2013 Annual Conference, Austin, TX (02/13)



Christa McAuliffe Technology Conference, Manchester, NH (12/12)



One trend I am starting to see is that conferences are posting the presentation and handouts links only within their conference mobile app. I noticed this with MACUL and CoSN for 2013.  Although I like the using the apps when attending the conference in person, I hope this practice does not spread in the future. Organizations need to consider that all educators and pre-service teachers do not have a smartphone or mobile device and would not be able to install an app. (Even some of the attendees of these conferences might no have access to the handouts!) I hope all organizations continue to post links to speaker handouts on a Web page, wiki, shared Pinterest page, in a Google spreadsheet, or whatever tool works best for the organization to to share their links!



You also might want to check out the session documents from EdCamps held around the world! An EdCamp is an “unconference” in which the participants decide the topics of the sessions the morning of the event.




Have you attended a conference in the last year that posts links to the speaker resources? If so, please share those links with the rest of us!


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