Fun Fact Friday: Harrison Ford

(©Tom Sorensen/Wikimedia Commons)

Everyone knows Harrison Ford as Han Solo and Indiana Jones, but did you know that Ford’s first role for director George Lucas was carpenter, when he was hired to install cabinets in Lucas’ house? It’s true!

Harrison Ford was a struggling actor who taught himself carpentry to make ends meet. Being hired by Lucas as a carpenter eventually led to Lucas hiring Ford to read lines with other actors (presumably as a stand in) who were auditioning for Star Wars. George Lucas decided he liked Ford’s delivery so much that he cast him in the role of Han Solo!

Another interesting fact about Harrison Ford: He’s a certified airplane and helicopter pilot, and has worked with the Teton County Search and Rescue, in Wyoming, where he lives. Ford has flown his own personal Bell 407 helicopter in at least two known mountain rescue missions. Ford is a dedicated environmentalist, owns an 800 acre ranch in Jackson, Wyoming, and has donated half of the land as a nature reserve. He is also vice-chair of Conservation International, and has received the Jules Verne Spirit of Nature Award for his conservation efforts.

Ford is also supportive of professional archaeologists, as his portrayal of Indiana Jones sparked a renewed interest in archaeology, and serves as a General Trustee on the Governing Board of the Archaeological Institute of America.

Considering that Ford recently signed on to portray Han Solo once again in the upcoming Star Wars film, it sounds like he’s going to have his hands full for a while!


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  1. Stephen Knows Cancer said:

    Harrison Ford was one of my favorite actors when I was a kid (and to this day). I’ll admit that I was pretty disappointed with the latest edition to the Indiana Jones series, but that’s not the end of the world. I think that is awesome that he was willing to sign on for these new Star Wars films!

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