It’s All About Sharing

One of the things that makes the DEN Community so awesome is the willingness to share with each other. There have been so many great lesson ideas, articles, tech tips, and resources that have been shared with me over the years and they’ve made me a better teacher and person.  I believe this is what makes the DEN special.  Educators share ideas in a variety of ways, some tweet, some blog, some use Pinterest, some use Diigo, some do all of of these and more.

In an effort to help share what the community is putting out there, I’m introducing a new weekly blog series called Chad’s Choices from the Community.  In this series, which will appear on the DEN Blogs, I’ll be sharing things I’ve discovered courtesy of other DEN members.  How I come across these things will vary.  I’ll be combing through Twitter, reading blogs, and also keeping an eye on this form.  The form is a place where you, member of the DEN Community, can share something with me to include in my weekly post.

The first edition of this feature will appear next week.  I’ve already bookmarked a few things I’ve found from the community but am always looking for more.  If you have something that you think the community would benefit from, fill out the form below and I’ll try and add it.


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