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It is time to break out those reading lists again and dust off your library cards. The DEN comes to the rescue with more great professional reading suggestions for your summer and beyond.  Check out some more great suggestions.


The Ten-Minute In Service

By Todd Whitaker and Annette Breaux

DEN Rating: 4, I lead professional development in my building, and found that this book has some quick activities that are easy for teachers to implement in their classrooms.

Favorite line/quote: ?Sometimes we get so involved in ‘fixing’ that we forget to revel in what is working…It is most definitely your job as a leader to fix problems. But it is also your job, and a most important one, to recognize what is working well for some and to use that knowledge to benefit others, mainly students and teachers.

My idea shift: I love that this book steps you through accomplishing a great staff inservice in such a small amount of time. Our staff meetings are crammed so full of the nuts and bolts, we don’t have time for much else, but this is manageable.

My take-away: We have been very focused on writing our School Improvement Plan, and have spent so much time looking at the problems, we have lost sight of all the we are doing well. I feel we need to celebrate the good things, and that makes the rest seem more manageable.

By Melissa C. from Oregon



The Energy Bus for Kids

by Jon Gordon

Rating: 5, DEN Finger-worthy. This is an awesome book to share with students that teaches them about overcoming challenges and staying positive.

Favorite line: ?If you have a vision, you also have the power to make it happen.?

My idea shift: The idea that you really have the most control over how you feel.

My take-away: You don’t have to hang out with people that bring you down and suck the positivity out of you. You have a choice.

What’s next: The Shark and the Goldfish by Jon Gordon

Reviewed by Jan A. from Pennsylvania






Playing with Media: Simple Ideas for Powerful Sharing

by Wes Fryer

Rating: 4, Great for Elem school teachers. Suggestions for inspiring teachers to bring multimedia into the classroom!

Favorite line/quote: Simple ideas for powerful sharing

My idea shift: Always looking for recommendation for teachers to help  them ?GET IT? this is an easy book for them to read with suggestions they can incorporate now…even non techies!

My take away:  Although it is a  couple of years old I still find it an easy read for non techies that want to learn!!! This book provides a great way to get the conversation started!!

Reviewed by Cheryl W. from Florida





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