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This wasn’t the year for you to attend the DEN Summer Institute (DENSI), but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the great professional development offered this year.  There are a couple of ways you can participate virtually.  One is to follow the event hashtag (#DENSI2013) on Twitter all week long.  In addition, we will be streaming sessions live on July 16 and July 17 from Burlington, Vermont.  The schedule of sessions being streamed can be found below.

Just head over to the DENSI page ( to participate virtually.  It’s absolutely free!  Don’t forget to follow the event hashtag, #densi2013, as well!

Tuesday, July 16 

9:00 AM Opening Keynote with Richard Byrne

Richard Byrne, author of will help us frame our thinking for the week!  Richard has one of the most popular EdTech blogs around and will be sharing his knowledge.

10:10 AM Are You Smarter Than a Common Core 5th Grader?

Common Core state or not; Common Core believer or not…our global economy is requiring all students to be college and career ready. We need students who are prepared to innovate, collaborate, integrate and communicate. We need to think, plan, act and teach differently than ever before. This session will examine how the Common Core State Standards can prepare students for these challenges. You will learn processes, strategies and tools to use immediately in your classroom. Prepare to leave the session smarter than a Common Core 5th grader!   Presenter: Karen Beerer

11:10 AM Jumping into Summer Fun! Free Resources from DE

What do the following things have in common? Access to the Discovery Science Techbook. A trip to Washington DC to learn about STEM education. Virtual field trips to amazing places across the US with experts in their field. Professional Development webinars. Virtual Labs. Contests. Sweepstakes. Lesson Plans. eBooks. Student Interactives. And more?. They’re all free resources that Discovery Education provides to educators, students, and parents. Dip your toes into this pool of free resources as we have fun and share exclusive opportunities for our DEN STARs. Presenter – Kyle Schutt

1:00 PM Getting Started with Twitter

You’ve heard all about Twitter but still haven’t taken the leap. Well, now’s the time. In this session we’ll go over the basics of creating your account, finding followers, exploring hashtags, and spreading the word to grow your PLN. Come prepared to start connecting with others to open up opportunities you never knew imagined. This is a beginner session or for people who might have created an account, but haven’t really used it very much.  Presenter – Chad Lehman

2:00 PM How to Hook ‘Em..Engaging Science Demonstrations

Engaging learners is the most important part of any science lesson. The Discovery Education Techbook model lessons all start with an engage activity that is meant to activate prior knowledge and generate interest. Science demonstrations go a long way for doing both. In this session I will show a collection of science demonstrations and the corresponding digital components that will take your students from “whatever” to “WOW”.  Presenter – Patti Duncan


Wednesday, July 17 

10:10 AM S.O.S Spotlight on Strategies

Do you need help in finding creative ways to showcase easy and effective ways for educators to integrate Discovery Education resources in their class?!? We’ve heard your S.O.S call! Join us in our newest and most popular sessions for a deep dive into media integration. Walk away with resources for yourself and your colleagues.  Presenter – Jannita Demian

11:10 AM Bloomin’ with Discovery Education Board Builder

The newly enhanced My DE for Students makes it easier than ever for students to explore content, complete assignments, and connect with the world. However, have you seen Board Builder – the latest tool from Discovery Education designed FOR students?! Board Builder empowers students with the ability to curate, create, and synthesize content to express their personal curiosity, solve problems, and demonstrate their acquisition of knowledge like never before!  Presenter – Max Brooks

1:00 PM 50 Ways Quick Fire with Discovery Education

You already know that Discovery Education Streaming has videos, an interactive atlas, dynamic calendar, thousands of quiz questions, images, speeches, and sound effects. Do you know about all the wonderful Back to School features for 2013? From English to Science, from iPads to PCs, you will walk away from this session with hundreds of new integration strategies for the new Discovery Education Streaming!  Presenter – Joe Diaz

2:00 PM 5 Minutes of Creativity

You can’t read a document about education and learning without seeing the word creativity. We all know how important creativity is in the 21st century and yet with all the other demands, it can often be a challenge to make it a regular part of the day. Creativity is like a muscle, it needs to be practiced and work on daily. This session will showcase a few simple ideas that can be embedded into any classroom with 5 minutes and a bit of technology.  Presenter – Dean Shareski



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  1. Alison Oswald-Keene said:

    Thanks so much for allowing those of us who couldn’t be there live the opportunity to share in the DENSI fun! Can’t wait!

  2. Carolyn Stanley said:

    Dear Chad, This is such exciting news. In fact, I’m about to write a post for CT advertising what you’ve posted here! I assume that these streaming sessions will be recorded as well. While it’s best to be able to participate live, for many of us there are commitments such as dentist appointments and summer book club meetings. Being able to view the recordings 24/7 is also a great benefit. YEAH DENSI!
    P. S. Happy 4th of July to everyone!

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  4. Deb Wrobel said:

    FANTASTIC that these will be streamed….I have to attend a soccer tournament in Denver and will have some things to do in the hotel!!!! Have fun everyone!!!
    Oh….are the scheduled times EST?

  5. Marianne Shibly said:

    What is the code for Edmodo this year so STARS can join in the converation?

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