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Flipped learning is a trend in education that is becoming a popular way to address the increasing needs of diverse learners. One component of flipped learning is the creation of content or tutorial videos, a component that leaves many educators feeling intimidated and hesitant to take the plunge. But video production doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking. For educators who already have their lessons in a digital format, like a PowerPoint presentation or SMART Notebook lesson, all you need to add is Jing.

Jing is a free download available for Windows and Mac users by TechSmith, the creators of great apps like Coach’s Eye, Screenchomp, and Ask3. Once downloaded to your desktop, Jing gives you the ability to record your screen so you can create how-to videos or narrate through a classroom lesson. And since veterans of the flipped approach stress brevity when possible, you’re in good hands! Jing only allows you to record up to five minutes, giving you and your students plenty of time to explore websites for additional information in Physics, or for your student athletes to practice additional problems they missed as they traveled to yesterday’s tournament upstate. Use Jing to capture an image, like the rough draft version of student writing directly from Microsoft Word, or narrate through your SMART Notebook lesson as you demonstrate how to solve a complex math problem. Once your video is finished, decide how you want to share it. Save the video locally to your computer to share via email, or upload it to Screencast and share or embed it on your blog for students or parents to watch.

Want to see Jing in action? Check out this great tutorial from TechSmith. Then, when you’re ready to try it for yourself, get hands-on practice here so you can kickstart your flipped learning content library.


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