Last week, we were alarmed by a tornado warning here in the Silver Spring area. We always hear stories about tornados tearing through towns, but it doesn’t feel like reality until you’re the ones under a warning. If the eerie sky and torrential downpour isn’t enough to freak you out, the alarming “stay indoors and away from windows” warnings are sure to get your nerves going.

About 1,200 tornadoes hit the United States yearly. They can hit any time of year, but tornado season tends to last from the end of winter to the mid-summer throughout the country. This also largely depends on which region of the U.S. you live in, with Florida and Tornado Ally having a much higher frequency of tornados blowing through.

While we were lucky enough to stay safe in our area, tornados can have drastic impacts on the areas they hit. Check out some of Discovery Education’s tornado videos and experience the storms through the safety of your computer. Several of these videos are shot by some brave storm chasers that catch amazing footage that many of us wouldn’t dare to get close to.

Has your town been affected by any of these storms lately? Let us know how you have weathered the storms in your area. We hope you all have been as lucky as we were last week!


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