What Really Matters in Life……

I finished up the school year on May 24th and found myself in the middle of Moore, Oklahoma on May 26th. I had been called up for Disaster Relief Recovery with the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Team. I have done things like this all my life but never have I been so drastically changed. I stood in front of Plaza Towers with teachers, students, and families that I didn’t know but we held hands and cried. I helped them pick up torn books, stray papers, bricks, and crushed art projects and listened to them laugh as they told funny stories about their school days. I was able to help locate photographs and a wedding dress for an 85 year old widow. I hunkered down in a storm shelter on May 31st as Oklahoma City and Moore went through their 2nd round of tornadoes in two weeks. Never did I hear anyone complain, curse, or ask for irrelevant things. They were happy to be alive and eager to help their neighbors who had been less fortunate.

Today as I read through the daily news and hear of all the negativity of our world through politics, the media, and such- I can’t help but think of the Oklahoma people and their love of life and each other. Those two weeks in Oklahoma have changed me- not just for a moment but for a life-time. They still need our love and support. You may not read about them in the newspaper or see them on the nightly news now but they are still there…..sorting through the debris……holding onto each other……and looking towards tomorrow. As a group of Discovery Educators, I ask that you find ways to help- it will change your life. As educators- that is what we do every day…. It is what really matters in life!


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