Updates from the Great White North

So before I begin updates let me just say I’ve been in Texas for a couple of events and looked up the weather and found this:

I asked the audience during my talk if they could explain what 124F feels like. Then I offered my own weather report.

I told them I could explain -40 to them. A few people thought this was a recent forecast but assured them it was from December. In the end we both agreed that those temperatures feel almost exactly the same since the key is not to go outside and test it out.

Okay enough of the weather preamble.


Wrapping up the 2012-2013 school year we’ve had a couple of great events. Winnipeg hosted the only Canadian stop on the DENapalooza tour. The lineup of speakers was stellar. Once again the resounding comment was it was a great blend of structured and unstructured learning. A big thank you to Andy Mckiel for organizing and presenting.

Rumor has it that there may be some Canadians invading the Seattle DENapalooza so consider yourself warned.

Surrey Film Festival

This year we had 10 schools from Surrey School District in BC involved in a film festival. Essentially students in grades 4-12 created 1-3 minute videos on the theme: “This is My…” they either choose Surrey, BC or Canada to showcase. Students were able to use their own videos or Discovery Education content. We had 20 entries and celebrated many of these films as well as a screening of North America. Thanks to JB Mahli for organizing the festival. We’d really like to try this in another district. If you would like more information or talk about doing this in your school district, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll be in touch.

Canadian Tweet Up at ISTE

If you’re coming down to ISTE we’d love to spend a little time connecting you to other Canadians in our network and beyond. Feel free to register for our event for Tuesday and invite a friend.

Techbook Trial Continues

All teachers in Canada have access to our techbook through August. While we realize school is drawing to a close, we also know that for many it’s a good time to explore and experiment. If you’re a science teacher it would be great to get your feedback. Click here to get started. For a special treat you may even see an opening video by yours truly.

If I don’t get a chance to tell you personally, thanks for all you do. Looking forward to a great summer and also excited about continuing working and sharing with all of you in the fall.