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Happy Mousey Monday to our Cache and Cookie readers! Discovery Education encourages students as well as teachers to remain productive this summer. Following on last week’s post, we want to introduce a program we created for students to keep their curiosity up in the  summer: the STEM Camp!! We are proud to partner with the Afterschool Alliance ( to present this program to you!


The STEM Camp is a dynamic series of standards-aligned curricula available at no cost to schools, districts, non-profit organizations and even parents for use as part of summer camps, after school STEM programs, or wherever STEM support is needed.


Here are a few commonly asked questions answered for you:

Q- Do I have to log in to Discovery Education to use the materials?

A- No. Anyone can access STEM Camp.


Q- Do I have to be a subscriber to Discovery Education to use the STEM Camp curricula?

A- No. Anyone can access STEM Camp.


Q- How much does STEM Camp cost?

A- STEM Camp is free.


Q- Where can I get the hands-on materials?

A- STEM Camp uses materials that can be found at your local store. You can also contact our friends at Hand2Mind to purchase a kit for your program. Call 800-445-5985 or email and reference Discovery Education STEM Camp.


Q- Can I use STEM Camp in my classroom?

A- Yes. Use STEM Camp resources wherever STEM support is needed.


Q- I can’t use STEM Camp this summer. Can I use it in my after-school program?

A- Yes. You can use STEM Camp anywhere STEM support is needed.


Q- Is STEM Camp aligned to standards?

A- STEM Camp curricula are aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards.

Q- For what grades is STEM Camp appropriate?

A- STEM Camp has been designed for grades 5-8. If you work with students at another grade level, just review the content and use the portions that are appropriate.


We hope that you find this program useful to your students and children! Please keep in touch with us here at Discovery Education over the summer break, we love to hear from you, tweet us @DESupportStars with #mouseymondays!


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  1. Chasity Conrad said:

    The Q & A in your blog states that one does not have to subscribe or log-in for STEM Camp but, when I click on the Water or Urban Infrastructure link it prompts me to log-in. I am I doing something incorrectly?

    • Lina Tran said:

      Hello Chasity! When you select the links, there is an area on the right hand side that says “Create an Account” where it will allow you to access our site. If you need a walkthrough please feel free to call us so that we can assist! (1-800-323-9084)

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