DENvisory Board Candidate: Tracie Belt

Aside from teaching at Shorecrest Preparatory School in Florida, Tracie Belt has been an active member of the DEN community since 2006. She has experience teaching every grade level ranging from K-8th grade along with teaching internationally in Asia and Europe. Currently, she is a finalist in becoming a DEN Guru, attends all DEN virtual workshop and webinars possible, and is an active blogger on the DEN. In addition to participating in DEN events in the Florida area, she teaches DEN workshops at her school while disseminating information to other teachers and school districts. Tracie also plans on collaborating on the next DENapalooza this upcoming November. In addition, she is an administrator of the Learning Center at Shorecrest, in charge of helping children with learning differences.

With a background working in both private in public schools, Tracie has a strong sense of how both systems work, how to introduce DEN into different institutions, and can easily relate to different teaching styles. By using DEN’s digital tools in the classroom, Tracie knows how to collaborate virtually and in person with her students and maximizes her usage with DE Streaming. Tracie believes that by having a position on the DENvisory board she can advise other teachers and members of DEN in how technology and other great teaching ideas can improve teaching situations. Tracie feels passionate about the DEN because of the opportunities it has provided her in connecting with other educations that share the same passions of technology and learning. If this is not enough, she made a list of 14 reasons why she loves DEN!

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