If you stepped outside this past Sunday night, you may have noticed that the moon seemed a little bit brighter and a little closer than normal. That would be because the moon made its closest appearance of 2013 as a supermoon! Being the closest moon of the year, we will not see the moon again this close until August 10, 2014.  A supermoon can be defined as a new or full moon occurring closest to earth in a given orbit. As a fairly recent term, astronomers may still refer to this event as a perigee full moon. It was about 30 years ago when astrologer Richard Nolle began using the current term, supermoon.

If all of this moon talk has gotten you in the mood, check out some of Discovery Education’s videos to learn a little more about the Earth’s nearest neighbor.

If you missed this supermoon, although it will not appear as close as Sunday’s, you will be able to see another one on July 22nd. If you were lucky enough to experience it this time, let us know what you thought!