DEN Techformation: SimpleK12

So the summer has finally come and your looking for something to do on those rainy days ( like the next few on the east coast), how about puttin on some slippers in your PJs and taking a look at  They are a website dedicated to professional development for teachers through the use of webinars both live and archived.   This is a paid service but they offer a lot for free.  They do free days of learing offering back to back webinars.  There is a free basic membership that allows you to attend live online training webinars to learn about the latest ideas and teacher tools. On July 9th they are doing one on iPads from 10-5 EDT.  This service is more then just webinars.   You can also download 100s of classroom resources from lesson plans to quizzes. I’ve learned so much and would love to connect with you inside of the Teacher Learning Community.  There is a forum for teachers to bounce ideas off each other and engage in educational conversations.  You might even recognize some of the presenters as they are DEN Stars.  Come check out the community and connect with me.

By the way they are currently offering a Sale.


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