DENvisory Board Candidate: Tim Childers

While teaching at L&N STEM Academy in Tennessee, Tim Childers is a member of the DEN Leadership Council and participates in numerous DEN events throughout Tennessee in addition to training other schools on how to use DE digital technology. Specifically in the past, Childers participated in a Day of Discovery in Franklin, Memphis and Cleveland along with Fall Virtual Conferences and Spring Virtual Conferences. Currently, Childers is the Assistant Principal for Technology Integration at his school but has held past positions such as the Secondary Technology Coach. Beginning as a 7th and 8th grade Language Arts teacher, Childers used DE Streaming and DE Assessment with his students. He also regularly posts on the DEN blog in addition to maintaining a personal blog Tinkerings: Changing Education One Post At A Time.

The DE Streaming technology originally connected Childers to the DEN community and has so far impacted his career and style of classroom instruction by using tools such as from Prompt Builder to green screen. Childers successfully integrated DE digital tools into his class room curriculum enhancing student performance and teaching. Childers views the DEN as his educational family; it is the place where he turns for instructional help and it is the first place he brings others who want to connect with other educators outside of the classroom. Overall, what excites Childers is the community within DEN filled with a group of people so eager to share, reflect, and empower those around them.

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