DEN Techformation: Tools To Reach All Learners: UDL

Universal Design for learning, or UDL,  is a set of principles that give all students an opportunity to learn. The following websites provide all the information teachers need to start using UDL principles in their classrooms.Use this summer to familiarize yourself with UDL and be ready to implement it in your classroom on the first day of school.

CAST UDL Online modules can be used to learn all about UDL and how to implement it in your classroom. The modules are free and can be incorporated into professional development classes or used individually.

Visit the CAST YouTube page to view videos about UDL.

Download the UDL Wheel and UDL 2.0 Guidelines to help plan your lessons with every learner in mind:

CAST has provided many resources for implementing UDL in the classroom. These resources include CAST Science Writer that makes writing science and lab reports accessible for all learners; iSolveit! Math puzzles; and Strategy Tutor for students. There are also resources for teachers such as Book Builder that allows teachers to create accessible texts for learners; a lesson plan builder; and professional learning modules, articles, and checklists.

Visit CAST Learning Tools here.


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