DENvisory Board Candidate: Tom McLaughlin

Teaching as a secondary teacher at New Hope Solebury High School, located within Pennsylvania as a part of New Hope Solebury School District, DEN STAR educator Tom McLaughlin is an active member of the DEN community. He currently holds a position on the DEN Leadership Council and is one of 12 finalists for the DEN guru. In the past, McLaughlin contributed as a Scholastic Administrator and participated in a DEN Walk and talk episode. Through actively contributing to the DEN blog site (approximately three times a month) and being part of the DEN blog team for a year, he won RJ Stangherlin Award (Best Individual DEN Blogger) in 2013. He also keeps a personal blog with information from classroom tool tips to past learning experiences in the classroom.

To McLaughlin, DEN has given him the opportunity to be a leader within the community. Aside from personal blogging, McLaughin took on more responsibilities and leadership roles through being in charge of a DEN blog series and being a major contributor to various Discovery products such as the Did You Know Video. Primarily utilizing DE Streaming, McLaughlin successfully integrated digital tools into his classroom curriculum. His heart is with the core of the DEN mission and truly believes he is making a difference in the educational field through his work. Because of DEN, McLaughlin claims he is a better teacher and wants to connect with as many educators as possible.

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