DENvisory Board Candidate: Conni Mulligan

DEN Guru and STAR Discovery Educator Conni Mulligan is an Instructional Technology Coach in the Buncombe Country Schools district in Asheville, North Carolina who specializes in technology integration. With DEN’s birth, Mulligan stood right beside; she supported the DEN in 2005, became a DEN member in 2006, and continues to provide staff Development for teachers in North Carolina school districts. She attended the local technology conference, along with other state conferences, and shared what she learned through being a member of the DEN. In addition to winning the DENny Leadership Award in 2010, she is an Intel Master Trainer, QTL Instructor, ISafe Certified, and Glogster Certified along with other titles. In the past she has hosted multiple webinars and livestreams including instructional geocaching, movie maker, Discovery Streaming, and STEM webinars. Mulligan maintains a blog with all of her past webinars, education tips, and experiences.

Through being part of the DEN community, Mulligan loves that she is constantly surrounded by inspiring people who are her “family support team.” She believes she will make a great addition to the DENvisory Board due to her energetic, enthusiastic attitude, and overall support and love for the DEN community. Mulligan strives to look for what others can do to make a difference, encourage educators to pursue their passions, and then share their experiences in the DEN community. Through being a member of the DEN, Mulligan finds herself a better teacher and a better person.

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