Chad’s Choices from the Community

This week, we have a special holiday edition of Chad’s Choices from the Community.  If you’ve seen previous posts, you know that this series highlights the DEN Community and shares articles you should take a look at, people to connect with, and a person of interest.

Information from the Community

Blogs from the Community

People from the Community to Follow (These are STARs relatively new to Twitter, help them grow their network)

Person of Interest

Tracy Carpenter is this week’s DEN Person of Interest.  Tracy is a STAR from the Baltimore area, a member of the DEN Leadership Council, and one of the founders of DENvice, a Facebook page for DEN members to ask questions and learn from each other.  Tracy also created this year’s DEN Geocaching Day logo.


Interested in being featured in this blog series?  Do you have something to share for the good of the DEN?  If so, fill out this form.


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