DENvisory Board Candidate: Carol Scholz

Carol Scholz, the Technology Supervisor/Director at the Idaho State Department of Education plays an active role within the DEN community through her eager participation and the utilization of different DE products. She is charge of the Programs and Digital Learning page on the Idaho state government website giving information about becoming a DENstar along with digital education news, updates, and tips. In the past, Scholz hosted seven Days of Discovery across Idaho for over 1,300 educators and hosted webinars teaching how to us DE Streaming. She is also hosting DENapalooza and frequently highlights Discovery events in the state department newsletter to help reach out to other educators and districts. In addition, Scholz won a DENny Award for Most Creative/Best DEN Event for hosting DENapalooza Boise in 2013.

Through a position on the DENvisory board, Scholz will concentrate in sharing digital resources with 16,500 other Idaho educators. In addition, DENSI will help Scholz promote Discovery professional development to Staff Develop for Educators (SDE) executive staff. In terms of the classroom, the DENvisory Board will assist Scholz in integrating Discovery Education digital products into Idaho’s professional development along with providing Idaho with more DEN Virtcon and DENapalooza events. Overall, the DEN helps Scholz connect with educators on a state, national, and international level while bringing the joy of digital learning to all 250,000 Idaho students.

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