DEN STARs in the News: Nancy Sedlacko

Canadian DEN STAR Nancy Sedlacko’s 6th and 8th grade classes took on a pretty neat project during the school year that included the design of a playground.  The students presented the results of the year-long project, in which they brought their own tools to school, learned to use Skitch and Evernote, scanned QR codes for an assignment, created a site analysis, drew the lot to scale, learned to use Sketchup, and generated a to-scale CAD drawing of a playground, keeping within a very limited budget. They then rehearsed and refined their presentations (and presentation skills) before giving them before an audience.

Take a look at this great article that appeared online about the work Nancy’s been doing with her students.


Have you been recognized in your local newspaper? Have you been published? Were you featured in an article or nominated for an award?  We know STAR Discovery Educators are doing amazing things, but we don’t always hear about it. So take a moment to toot your own horn. Tell us about it. We want to brag about you too!



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