DENvisory Board Candidate: Tony Spittell

Teaching in the Magnolia School District in Anaheim, California, Tony Spittell specializes in the instruction and integration of technology inside the classroom and in the general learning world. As a member of the DEN Leadership Council, Spittell shares his DE experiences and supports teachers through presenting at multiple tech conferences in California including CUE Annual Conferences, Education Technology Conferences, and Day of Discovery San Diego. In 2011 and 2013 Spittell won DENthusiasm DENny Award through his incredible dedication to enhancing learning through DE and his love for the DEN community. In addition, Spittell hosts webinars and presentations on his Discovery blog and actively recruits new STAR members. Holding the district’s position of PD Lead, Spittell developed a DE series for this summer on technology integration. Currently, Spittell is one of the leads in organizing the mini DENni event in Southern California.

Spittell believes he should be elected to the DENvisory Board because his story is for everyone; he started in a classroom unaware of the digital media, professional development, and connecting opportunities available until he joined the DEN. Being part of the DEN changed Spittells entire teaching experience and allows him to connect his passion of teaching and technology with other teachers, educators, and students. Spittell remembers his beginning as a new teacher and through his experience, he believes he can further educate and help other new DEN members on the DENvisory Board.

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