DENvisory Board Candidate: Karen Wells

Teaching at Midland High School in the Midland District of Arkansas, Karen Wells is on the Leadership Council for Arkansas responsible for scheduling events that bring state-wide educators together. She is a mentor to educators and works with Discovery Education Partnership Managers to help connect them with DEN administrators and technology professionals in Arkansas. Wells works with Little Rock School District in scheduling DE events in the area, such as Sweet on Discovery, DEN VirtCon Tech of Treat, and planned a day of professional development to show how educators are incorporating digital media into their districts. Through these events, educators are connected throughout the state and more districts are using DE digital tools. Wells attends webinars, helps plan DEN LC Regional events, writes in her DEN blog, and personally meets educators. She is the president of the Arkansas Association of Instructional Media and won a Herb Lawrence Leadership Award.

What helps drive Well’s passion of education is connecting educators so that they will have the most engaging professional experiences. During her time at DEN, Wells collaborated with educators from Arkansas, surrounding states, and internationally. Through such collaborative efforts, Wells noticed the core family and support system that runs through the DEN and strives to help other educators to be part of the community and enhance learning through connections and conferences.

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