DEN Techformation: Ask 3

A teacher is working with a small group and doesn’t want to be interrupted with every small question, so they set the policy “Ask 3 before me.” This simple phrase was the inspiration for TechSmith’s app Ask3. While there are other strong educational screencasting/interactive whiteboard apps like Explain Everything and Show Me, there are a few features to Ask3 that makes it unique.

Creating a screencast is very simple with enough tools to get the job done. If you have ever used the app called Skitch, the tools look very similar. The user can draw on a white canvas or bring in a saved image.
Ask 3 creation screenFor a teacher to share their video with their students, they need to set up at least one class. When students sign into the app, they enter the class code provided by the teacher. It works the same way as signing up for a class in Edmodo, which is great because it doesn’t require the students to have email addresses.

During the viewing of a video, students can add comments to the timeline. They can even start their own screencast from that moment in the video. All of this makes the flipped classroom concept much more interactive.

A screenshot of the Ask 3 timeline with comments.Before a teacher could only create one class, but now with the newest update teachers can create multiple classes. If you were wondering the price, it is free and will stay free according to TechSmith. Ask3 should definitely be on your summer play list.


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