DENvisory Board Candidate: Zulma Whiteford

 Currently a member of the DEN Leadership Council and on the DENvice Team, Zulma Whiteford is a technology and foreign language teacher and STEM Chair at the St. Louis School in the Archdiocese school district in Baltimore, Maryland. In addition, Whiteford integrates technology into her classroom curriculum, using DE Streaming, DE Science Elementary and Middle School, and DE Health. With her help, other teachers follow her lead and use DE tools in their classrooms. Whiteford presented at the Common Ground Conference (Maryland’s Technology Conference) on Immersive Digital Instruction using Discovery Education. In past, she hosted a F2F event for the Fall Virtcon, and the Spring, and presented at the Spring Virtcon. Whiteford provides the DE support and guidance to faculty at her school effectively enhancing learning and providing the connections between educators, technology, and digital tools. She blogs on the DEN and regularly updates her personal website with tips, teacher resources, and educational games. She is also one of the creators of DENvice, a passion project for teachers by teachers.

Whiteford attended her first DENSI conference last year and immediately fell in love with the community that welcomed her with open arms. She coordinated the Outreach Service project for the 2013 DENSI in Vermont. Her DEN family has become her PLC (Professional learning Community)- her “go to” people for guidance, advice, and support in the classroom. In running for the DENvisory Board, she plans on giving back to the DEN community and applying her energy and creativity in continuing to carry out DEN’s goals to “Support, Share, and Stay Connected” while sharing the love for the DEN.

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