DENvisory Board Candidate: Rachel Yurk

As a teacher at Bay Lane Middle School in the Muskego-Norway Schools District in Wisconsin, Rachel Yurk has been a member of the DEN since 2006 and an active figure across events, projects, and programs as the Chair of the Wisconsin Leadership Council. Yurk won the DENny award for Community Choice for Leadership in the DEN LC for her dedication and ability to reach state-wide to DEN STARS through newsletters and events. Yurk hosted virtual conferences in different school districts and attended National Institutes and state and local events. In particular, Yurk participated as a presenter and host at Fall VirtCons and Spring VirtCons. Also, Yurk worked with special programs such as the Math Video pilot, Change the World, and Math Video Pilot with Dr. Lodge. As a technology integrator, she uses many DE products such as DE Science Techbook, DE streaming, DE Health , and DE Assessment. Yurk updates a personal site with tech updates, educational tool tips, and DEN experiences.

Being an early asset to the DEN, Yurk realizes the importance of the DEN community and learning from one another through her attendance and participation in national, regional, state, and local events. Yurk feels it is time to take her years of growth and learning since 2006 with DEN and give it back to the DEN community. Filled with amazing experiences, fantastic leadership, and making lifelong friends, the DEN led Yurk to places she never thought she would be and to share learning on such a powerful platform. Her years of participation give valuable insight into the DEN and can help others get involved and embrace all that the DEN has to offer.

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