DENvisory Board Candidate: Jeannine Shields

Jeannine Shields specializes as an elementary teacher and technology/instructional coach at the William B. Ward Elementary School in New Rochelle, New York. Currently a member of the DEN New York Leadership Council, Shields participates in the DEN through Google Hangouts and blogs along with the social media outlets Facebook and Twitter. In 2011 Shields won the DENny Leadership Award and was recognized as a DEN Back-to-School MVP through her involvement in the Back-to-School Membership Season challenge. In addition, she co-presented at ISTE 2012 and plans on attending the DEN Summer Institute this month.

Shields loves the DEN and believes her participation with DEN has helped her grow both professionally and personally. She continues to give back to the community, buildings, and district through her work in the DEN so in the end, everyone gains. While enjoying helping others, Shields seeks to help spread the DEN even further through a position on the DENvisory Board by assisting with the search for resources, ideas, and opportunities for the DEN to grow together.

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