Discovery Education’s Summer Apprentice – Eden Gregory

The following blog post is from Eden Gregory.

My name is Eden Gregory and today is the last day of my apprenticeship in the Discovery Education department. This two week opportunity has been amazing, the time passed so quickly! I have nothing but good things to say about Discovery Education. I worked closely with the Customer and Technical Support team; every person I met was welcoming, kind, and passionate about their job.

My first day on the job I learned that the Customer Support team helps customers when they have questions or issues, or if a school or a district is interested in purchasing Discovery Education products and services.  The members of the team are very hardworking and zealous about what they do. A few days ago, I went around the office and asked people who work on the Customer Support team what their favorite part about working in the Discovery Education department was, every single person said they love helping the customer and hearing their excitement about our products and services. They love the feeling of knowing that they have impacted a student or teacher’s life in a great way.

If I may digress for just a moment; I would like to say that the Digital Textbook Discovery Education offers  an extraordinary product. It is beyond words from a traditional textbook converted to a digital format. The Techbook (as it is known) is an interactive book that makes teaching easier and learning more fun for the students. The Discovery Education product can be found all over the world. It includes lesson plans for teachers that align with the district or state’s standards. The list of resources it provides for students is endless. One of my favorite things the Techbook offers is that it allows students to highlight and write in the book. If they want the text read to them in a different language they can, just highlight the passage and select a different language!  Techbook has assisted Discovery Education to fulfill one of its missions, to “transform classrooms, empower teachers, and captivate students by leading the way in providing high quality, dynamic, digital content to schools”. If you are a student, teacher, or principal you should consider purchasing Techbook for your school. It will completely change your school’s way of learning

Although my time with the Discovery Education department has been brief, I am going to miss, not only having free access to the amazing Techbook, but also being in the positive environment that the Discovery personnel provided for me.


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