DENSI 2013 Daily Recap – Day #3

Keynote speaker, Richard Bryne (from @karenogen)


Today kicked off our first day of sessions at DENSI 2013 and I don’t think I’m the only one experiencing serious mind-mush right now! Our day started with a fantastic speaker, Richard Bryne, (@rbyrne) award-winning author of the website His keynote address focused on the idea of jobs and how to prepare our students to be wise and responsible consumers of information in order to meet the changing needs of our society. In order to students to be successful adults, they need to be flexible and adaptable; ideas are now more vital than skills.  While some students are naturally like this, Richard suggested we focus on the kids who say they aren’t creative and work to develop synthetic imagination, where ideas are built on improving existing ideas.  We also need to teach our students how to present and share their ideas – reading off of a PowerPoint is not enough! Richard ended by recommending that we encourage risk takers; sometimes being innovative means taking risks!
(Keynote Notes) (LiveStream Video

Doing the MASH...DEN style! (from @MsZ1600)

Sessions Notes

These are notes that either I took, or that I found on Twitter, Edmodo, or the shared Google Doc. If you have additional resources from today’s sessions, let me know and I’ll link them!

One of Patti Duncan's engaging science demonstrations (from @mavishoffman)

DENmazing Race

Tonight was the famous DENmazing Race! It seemed like all the teams had a lot of fun; I know Team SCAM did! There was a lot of great teamwork and sportsmanship happening, so I think all of the teams should be very proud of themselves! Congrats to the Button Pushers on their win, and also to Casey Boothby for his sportsmanship win!

Getting ready to start the DENmazing Race! (from @teach42)


If you haven’t uploaded your pictures to Flickr yet, it is super simple! Just sign into Flickr, drag them into the window, then tag them with “densi2013”. Be sure to check out everyone else’s pictures here: You can also view your official press photo with Lance on the Flickr page!

WDEN Breaking News

A special report was posted today by DEN Finger recipient, Brandon Wislocki. View the report on YouTube.

Breaking News (Click to view video)

This is also available on my personal blog.


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