MOOCs the Gateway to Free Online Learning

MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Course. Now you can attend courses at top universities for free by signing up for a MOOC. Learn about a topic of interest in a variety of subject areas, or take professional development courses. Provide low risk higher education experiences for students by introducing them to MOOC courses. They will learn to take online courses and a bit about what will be expected of them in college courses. Here are some of the top sites for MOOCs:

Sophia: Get flipped classroom certified with Sophia

Udemy free courses



iTunes University free courses

Stanford free courses

UC Berkeley free courses

MIT free courses and MIT Open Courseware

Duke free courses

Harvard free courses

Yale free courses

UCLA free courses

Carnegie Mellon free courses

Cambridge free courses

GCF Free Learn

You may also be interested in:

Udutu and MyUdutu Teach and Learn on Facebook: Turn your Facebook account into an LMS! Download the MyUdutu Teach and Learn apps on Facebook and search for classes to take, or create and upload your own SCORM compliant online courses using the Udutu course builder application. Track student progress via Facebook.

University of the People: The world’s first tuition-free online university

Universal Class: Professional and personal development courses and certificates available.

Here is a video about why MOOCs are successful:



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  3. Bethany said:

    Are certificates earned through Sophia courses considered legitimate or respected? If I earn my Chromebook Classroom certificate, what does that mean? What can I do with that certificate?? I’m seriously looking into this!

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