Common Core Summer Academies

Would you like to integrate the Common Core State Standards into your classsroom, and knowwhat they mean? Discovery Education’s Professional Development team has been on the road this summer to provide you with DE’s Common Core Academies to assist you with this implementation. The Common Core State Standards are intended to provide consistant educational standards that all K-12 students are expected to uphold within their state. Discovery Education’s academies aim to address the questions:

  • What are the core components of the Common Core State Standards and how do they impact me?
  • How do I integrate the Common Core State Standards most effectively into my curriculum and instruction?
  • How do I create assessments that align to the Common Core State Standards?
  • How do I plan for the successful implementation of the Common Core State Standards in my classroom? My school? My district?

These academies are designed to provide you with research based curriculum, personalized assistance for your school or your  school district’s needs and where you are in the CCSS implementation process, and strategies for you to use in the classroom. In addition to this information, all attendees will also be provided with a free 60 day Streaming Plus trial!

Our  Common Core Summer Academies are available for the remainder of the summer, see schedule below.

If you see one in your area that you are interested in attending, you can register through the link below.

We hope that you’re able to attend one of these upcoming academies in your area, and enjoy your time with Discovery Education’s Professional Development team. If you have already attended one of the previous academies this summer, let us know what you thought by using the “Leave a Comment” section under this article!


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