DENSI 2013 Daily Recap – Day #4

Hall Davidson delivered today's keynote address (from @neene)


Day #4 of DENSI 2013 started with keynote speaker, Hall Davidson (@halldavidson). Hall spoke to us about the new 3 R’s – Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and QR Codes. Hall started by providing us with some great ideas for student made video projects, using samples from the California Student Media Festival. I think everyone especially loved the BYOD video! One great idea for QR codes that I hadn’t thought of was placing them into library books! The students can activate the code to pull up videos, websites, images, or really anything you would want! I really liked his idea of having the students create trailers for the books and linking with the QR codes. Another topic discussed by Hall was Augmented Reality. I, like a lot of attendees, was in awe! This was pretty much the coolest tool I’ve seen in a long time, and one that isn’t actually hard to implement! You basically just need a trigger and you are all set. We learned about an app called Aurasma which allows you to create your own “auras” on everyday objects using just your tablet or smartphone!
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Barb Grindle explored Augmented Reality during Karen Ogen's session


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STAR teachers during Max Brooks' session on Board Builder (from @MaxBrooks1)

Unconference Planning

I can’t believe tomorrow is our last day of sessions; I don’t want DENSI to end! I am, however, excited that I’ll be able to take part in another unconference. I really enjoyed the LC unconference last weekend and think that this one will be even better! There were so many great session ideas presented that I don’t know how I’ll choose where to go!  I hope everyone takes great notes so that I don’t really have to miss anything!

Cheering on the Lake Monsters

Vermont Lake Monsters

Discovery Education treated us to another outing tonight, this time to a Vermont Lake Monster’s baseball game. The Lake Monsters played the Aberdeen Ironbirds. Although they didn’t win (final score was 5-1), the DEN stars had a ton of fun anyway! Casey Boothby got to throw out the ceremonial first pitch and  Terra Lee Gratton was chosen to take part in a trivia contest!

Casey Boothby throwing the first pitch of the game (from @MsZ1600)


The newest WDEN News Report is available on YouTube.

This is also available on my DEN blog.


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