DENSI 2013 Daily Recap – Day #5

Today marked our last day of sessions, but it also meant that today was the unconference! There were a ton of great ideas presented and I honestly had a tough time choosing! Thankfully, we had some great note takers so that we can learn from all the sessions we weren’t able to make it to!

Conni Mulligan demonstrates desktop green screens with the iPad (from @karenogen)

Session Notes:

Kate Nagle shares how she uses the techbook in her classroom (from @MaxBrooks1)

Closing Celebration

After a long week of learning, the DEN stars celebrated with a costume party! Each star dressed in a costume representing their home state/region/city. The creativity was amazing! Among the costumes were a camera with working viewfinder, a hot air balloon, sports’ fans, celebrities and more!

MI DEN Stars pose for a picture at the closing celebration

This is also available on my DEN blog.


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